The Most Magical First Date


This is the story of Tyler, a boy I dated almost exactly a year ago.

Our first date was one I will always remember. We matched on Tinder and after a few days of chatting, he invited me to a show in LA. As you may or may not know, I love Los Angeles. I just think there is something so romantic about that city. We were going to see Beach House at the Ace Hotel, another place I love, so it already felt like this was going to be a perfect night.

The theatre at the Ace is simply stunning. The building is a Spanish Gothic style and was built in 1927. Walking in and seeing the vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and intricate design details literally took my breath away. We enjoyed a couple cocktails in the lobby before making our way upstairs to our seats.

The Theatre at Ace Hotel – Photo courtesy of Ace Hotel

It was a little comical how far back our seats were…I’m talking like almost the last row. But I really didn’t care. We had a great view of the whole theatre and I was happy to be squished up next to Tyler. We continued to chat and giggle at the opening band before Beach House came on.

I really only knew a few Beach House songs before this night, but they absolutely blew me away. We both swayed back and forth to the sweet melodies before Tyler put his arm around me to pull me in close. I swear to you, I nearly died when he touched me. Between the twinkling lights and the sparkly music, I was ready to run away with him.

The show ended and we scurried over to the little taco shack next door for some food. Music and tacos, it really couldn’t get any better, right? I remember standing there while Tyler was in line and I caught him looking at me through the mirror above me. We exchanged a quick, shy smile and I thought, “shit, I really like this guy.”

The night ended and we went our separate ways, but our story wasn’t over. Tyler and I continued to date for the next month and I really thought it was going somewhere. We were going on great dates, he was sleeping over, and he eventually met two of my best friends. It seemed like we were on track to being in a relationship, something that I hadn’t experienced in nearly 2 years.

But as all nice boys do, Tyler got a little ghosty, said he wasn’t ready for a relationship, and then got a girlfriend a month later. I really liked him and was pretty damn sad after it ended. This was the closest I had been to a relationship in so long and it broke my heart to see it all fall apart. It had only been a month, but I was really going to miss him.

Overall, I don’t think he’s a bad guy and I look back on our time together in a positive way. Maybe we didn’t have that great connection like I thought, but I enjoyed the time we spent together. I will always remember that sparkly night at the gorgeous Ace Hotel in my sweet City of Angels. I’ll always remember feeling like I could run away with him and never look back.

Sad Girl Song – Levitation by Beach House

I’d go anywhere you want to.

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