Sour Beer and John Prine

When you’ve been on more bad dates than you can count, it’s hard to believe you’ll ever meet anyone decent. I’m not sure how or why, but I was in a strange period where I’d only date guys who wouldn’t touch me or make a move. I don’t know why this was happening to me, but it definitely had me feeling a little down on myself. With so many things not working out, I really was not expecting my date with Jake to be any different.

We met for drinks and I was quickly blown away by how attractive and eloquent Jake was. I hadn’t really meshed with anyone in a long time, so having a meaningful conversation with him felt incredibly refreshing. We chatted away and enjoyed two craft cocktails before heading to a nearby brewery.

The night progressed and it felt like things were going really well. We chatted about things like camping and his bigfoot tattoo. We discovered that we both loved sour beer and folk singer John Prine. I was feeling great as we wrapped up at the brewery and headed back to our cars.

The night was nearly over and everything around us was closing, but we stayed in that parking lot for what felt like forever. We continued talking and laughing before he finally leaned in to kiss me. I don’t think I had even kissed anyone in a while, so having this connection felt so goddamn nice. Kissing Jake and having him hold me close was exactly what I needed. We made out in that parking lot for probably an hour before saying goodbye and heading our separate ways.

I told myself that even if this didn’t work out, I wanted to remember how I felt that night. I came home from that date feeling so elated and full of hope. I needed a good night like this. I needed to feel wanted and desired and like someone was eating up every word I said. I needed to feel like I was sexy and funny and interesting. I needed to flirt and be held and kissed. I didn’t hear from Jake again (weird), but I remember that date really helped put the pep back in my step. Just one night showed me that it was possible to meet someone new and feel a true connection.

I’ve had my share of good and bad dates since then, but it’s the good ones that motivate me to keep trying. I still get in those sad moods where I’m convinced I’m going to be a crazy old spinster, but it’s those great nights with great boys that help me believe that isn’t true.

He’s got to be out there somewhere, right?

Sad Girl Song – In Spite of Ourselves by John Prine

Against all odds, honey we’re the big door prize.

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